Senin, 05 Mei 2008



Let me tell you a little bit about me..
I'm a house wife with one cute little daughter (she's 2 years old at the moment). Me and my husband life in a different country. He has to work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates while I'm staying here in Jakarta, Indonesia with our daughter. We couldn't be together coz the living cost in Dubai is very expensive. So we decided to live in different countries for a while until he finishes his contract there. Yep.. I'm practically a single parents as you might say but my husband is really supportive and we miss him everyday...

Enough said, I've been a shopaholic since I started working around 11 years ago. Well, how could I resist. A single woman with well paid job, still live with my parents and still got monthly allowance from them... hihihi.. 
Since I got married in 2005, I have to quit my job and follow my husband to live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But, when he got a contract in Dubai, I move back to Jakarta.
Although I'm no longer a working woman, but I cant seems to stop my habit. Yup.. That would be my shopping habit.

I'm obsessed with handbag, premium designer jeans, footwear (heels, sandals, flip flops, etc). I loooovvee buying stuff for my daughter. Although I'm a big spender, it doesn't mean that I always buy expensive things. Sometimes I buy cheap & affordable stuff from local market (or we call it Pasar Tradisional).

In this blog, I will write about my shopping habit. The things I bought, things I received from family & friends or even the things I'm eyeing on. 

I have no intend to showing off. This blog is only a little something about me and my shopping habit.